Sentence Examples with the word archaeologist

After serving as a volunteer in the campaign of 1814 he went to Copenhagen to edit the posthumous papers of the Danish archaeologist Georg Zoega (1755-1809), and published his biography, Zoegas Leben (Stutt.

JEAN BAPTISTE LOUIS GEORGE SEROUX D'AGINCOURT (1730-1814), French archaeologist and historian, was born at Beauvais on the 5th of April 1730.

Returning to Germany in 1837 he was appointed archaeologist at the Royal Museum of Berlin, and in 1844 was chosen a member of the Academy of Sciences, and a professor in the university.

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Some further details are to be found in documents preserved by the archaeologist Maqrizi, from which it appears that the sum for which each district was responsible was distributed over the unit in such a way that artisans and tradesmen paid at a rate similar to that which was enforced on those employed in agriculture.

LUIGI CANINA (1795-1856), Italian archaeologist and architect, was born at Casale in Piedmont.

But it required the arduous labours of the archaeologist to prove a proposition that, once proven, seems self-evident.

REGINALD STUART POOLE (1832-1895), English archaeologist and orientalist, was born in London on the 27th of January 1832.

This is only one of many cases where the investigations of the archaeologist have proved not iconoclastic but reconstructive, tending to restore confidence in classical traditions which the scientific historians of the age of Niebuhr and George Cornewall Lewis regarded with scepticism.

Capital data are possibly waiting there under ground - the Kabul valley for instance is almost virgin soil for the archaeologist - and any conclusion we can arrive at is merely provisional.

ANNE CLAUDE PHILIPPE DE TUBIERES DE GRIMOARD DE PESTELS DE LEVIS, COMTE DE CAYLUS, Marquis d'Esternay, baron de Bransac (1692-1765), French archaeologist and man of letters, was born at Paris on the 31st of October 1692.