Sentence Examples with the word aquarium

In connexion with the gardens there are an aquarium (1882), a library, and an ethnographical and natural history museum.

The difficulty of rearing the larvae in an aquarium towards the close of the metamorphosis may account for the slight information available concerning the stages that immediately follow the embryonic. Another difficulty is due to the fact that the types studied, and especially the crinoid Antedon, are highly specialized, so that some of the embryonic features are not really primitive as regards the class, but only as regards each particular genus.

Falkenstein's gorilla, exhibited at the Westminster aquarium under the name of pongo, and afterwards at the Berlin aquarium, survived for eighteen months.

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An oyster in this condition was kept in an aquarium by itself for a fortnight, and after that period its genital organs were found to contain multitudes of spermatozoa in all stages of development.

The aquarium was originally established at Naples because the flora and fauna of the neighbourhood are more varied than those of any district in Europe.

A small stickleback kept in an aquarium devoured, in five hours' time, 74 newly-hatched dace, which were about a quarter of an inch long.

The principal buildings of entertainment are the aquarium (also used as a concert hall); the museum, a rotunda in Doric style, containing excellent antiquarian and natural history collections; two theatres, and the assembly rooms attaching to the Spa House.

The famous zoological station at Naples, whose aquarium is the principal building in the Villa Communale, is not connected with the university.

The Zoological Station or Aquarium has a very fine biological library.

The Royal Aquarium at Westminster was purchased and a central hall and church house as the headquarters of Methodism erected.