Sentence Examples with the word apsidal

The work is in the main very fine Norman, with triforium, ambulatory and apsidal eastern end.

It consists of a choir with deambulatory and apsidal chapels:(the oldest part of the church), a transept, nave and aisles.

It follows that the angle between successive apse-lines is constant; it is called the apsidal angle of the orbit.

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In the main, its architecture is Gothic, but the choir and the apsidal chapels, with their elaborate interior and exterior decoration, are of Renaissance workmanship. The graceful tower, which rises beside the southern portal to a height of 255 ft., belongs to the early 1 4 th century.

Ulm cathedral has double aisles and a pentagonal apsidal choir, but no transepts.

The city has a well-built and substantial appearance, its chief attraction lying in the numerous churches, which belong in the main to a well-marked basilican type, and present almost too richly decorated exteriors, fine apsidal ends and quadrangular campaniles, in some cases with battlemented summits, and windows increasing in number as they ascend.

If this is the case, the apsidal angle must evidently be commensurable with -ir, and since it cannot vary discontinuously the apsidal angle in a nearly circular orbit must be constant.

It comprises a nave with aisles, and an apsidal eastward end formed of five small radiating chapels.

In the grounds of the residence called the Friars stands the shell of the apsidal choir of a Decorated chapel which belonged to a Franciscan house.

Sainte-Marie contains many artistic treasures, the chief of which are the magnificent stained-glass windows of the Renaissance which light the apsidal chapels, and the 113 choir-stalls of carved oak, also of Renaissance workmanship. The archbishop's palace adjoins the cathedral; it is a building of the 18th century with a Romanesque hall and a tower of the r4th century.