Sentence Examples with the word approved

The Speaker's action was approved by the House generally, but acrimonious debates were raised by Irish members.

Departmental Finances.Every department has a budget of its own, which is prepared and presented by the prefect, voted by the departmental council and approved by decree of the president of the republic. The ordinary receipts include the revenues from the property of the department, the produce of additional centirnes, which are levied in conjunction with the direct taxes for the maintenance of both departmental and communal finances, state subventions and contributions of the communes towards certain branches of poor relief and to maintenance of roads.

This fluid was sterilized by methods approved by the Indian Plague Commission and contained the requisite proportion of carbolic acid.

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This arrangement was not, however, approved of by the physicians, who obtained in 1617 a separate charter for the apothecaries, to the number of 114, which was the number of physicians then practising in London.

He voted for the bill to exclude anti-slavery literature from the mails, approved of the annexation of Texas, the war with Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850, and disapproved of the Wilmot Proviso.

He'd approved all their purchases and talked them out of a few bad ones during the morning.

Where large quantities of fire-damp are present, safety-lamps of approved pattern must be used and carefully inspected daily.

Cromwell thoroughly approved of the enormous scheme of confiscation and colonization, causing great privations and sufferings, which was carried out.

Several events of his pontificate are noteworthy: he granted many privileges to the mendicant orders, especially to the Franciscans; he endeavoured to suppress abuses in the Spanish Inquisition; he took measures against the Waldenses; he approved (1475) the office of the Immaculate Conception for the 8th of December; in 1478 he formally annulled the decrees of the council of Constance; and he canonized St Bonaventura (14th of April 1482).

Many bishops approved the act, but Ambrose of Milan and Martin of Tours condemned it.