Sentence Examples with the word approval

The mayor is elected for four years, and appoints, subject to the approval of the board of aldermen, the controller and the members of the two principal executive boards - the board of public works and the board of public safety.

That embody our judgments of approval and disapproval; the philosophic treatment of these conceptions falls to Aesthetic.

His approval of the attempt of the Lords to alter a money bill led to the loss of the supply to Charles and to the consequent displeasure of the king.

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If this is successfully overcome, and the proposals meet with the Con approval of parliament, the bill is passed and, after securing the Royal Assent, becomes an act of parliament.

Lucceius, who was of the party of Caesar; and bribery was freely used, with the approval of even the rigid Cato (Suetonius, Caesar, 9), to secure his election.

The French municipality is worked on similar lines, except that every vote and every disbursement of money is subject to the approval of the French consul-general.

The electorate gave its approval to the revision by a vote of 26,771 to 21,606, and with this the agitation over representation ceased.

The opinion of Aristotle on the barrenness of money became proverbial, and was quoted with approval throughout the middle ages.

Sir Benjamin's policy - which had the cordial approval both of the Dutch and the British colonists - was one of close settlement by whites in certain districts and military control of the Kaffirs in other regions, and it would have done much to ensure peace.

The abolition of the cropping of the ears of Great Danes, bull terriers, black and tan terriers, white English terriers, Irish terriers and toy terriers, in 1889 gained the approval of all humane lovers of dogs, and although attempts have been made to induce the club to modify the rule which prohibits the exhibition of cropped dogs, the practice has not been revived; it is declared, however, that the toy terriers and white English terriers have lost such smartness by the retention of the ears that they are becoming.