Sentence Examples with the word approachable

She hugged herself, wanting to throw her arms around him but knowing he was in as an approachable of a mood as Dustin.

Yet, just like the Italian restaurant search, it will be approachable through the aggregate life experiences of everybody on the planet.

Of quays approachable by vessels drawing 20 ft., and slips for the accommodation of large vessels.

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He seemed the most approachable of everyone she'd met.

There was a flicker of warmth in his gaze as he teased Katie, and he almost seemed approachable without the bulky trench coat lined with weapons.

Auckland harbour, one of the best in New Zealand, is approachable by the largest vessels at the lowest tide.

I had another tree friend, gentle and more approachable than the great oak--a linden that grew in the dooryard at Red Farm.

The harbour is by far the most important on the south coast of Ireland, and dredging operations render the quays approachable for vessels drawing 20 ft.

Resorting to stimulants after illness, his marked excess in this respect on the occasion of his inauguration as vice-president undoubtedly did him harm with the public. Faults of personality were his great handicap. Though approachable and not without kindliness of manner, he seemed hard and inflexible; and while president, physical pain and domestic anxieties, added to the struggles of public life, combined to accentuate a naturally somewhat severe temperament.

High overlooking the Botafogo suburb and approachable only on the wooded N.W.