Sentence Examples with the word apprenticed

In 1819 he was apprenticed to Nicholas Wood, a coal-viewer at Killingworth, after which he was sent in 1822 to attend the science classes at the university of Edinburgh.

At the age of ten he was apprenticed to a tailor, his spare hours being spent in acquiring the rudiments of an education.

After receiving a very limited education he was apprenticed to a linen manufacturer, but, finding the employment uncongenial, he resumed school-life at the institution founded by Wesley at Kingswood, near Bristol.

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At 12 years he served for six months on a fishing smack, was afterwards apprenticed to a bootmaker and then joined the Royal Navy.

Though his poetical tastes were early developed, his father apprenticed him to a jeweller.

Faraday himself became apprenticed to a bookbinder.

In 1883 he was apprenticed to the trade of printer and compositor.

In 1744 he was apprenticed to his eldest brother, who had succeeded to the management of his father's pottery; and in 1752, shortly after the term of his apprenticeship had expired, he became manager of a small pottery at Stoke-upon-Trent, known as Alder's pottery, at a very moderate salary.

At seventeen he was apprenticed to a coach-builder in New York city.

At fourteen he was apprenticed to a blacksmith, and for several years worked at this trade at Ilkley.