Sentence Examples with the word appreciate

Grouchy did not proceed to the front, and entirely failed to appreciate the situation at this critical juncture.

All teachers of the deaf know what this means, and only they can at all appreciate the peculiar difficulties with which I had to contend.

This house is as secure as the White House and while I don't appreciate your invading my bedroom, I have to admit this business is beyond my comprehension but that doesn't mean I won't embrace it.

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I guess I can be a pill sometimes, but I really do appreciate your concern.

He'd wanted to tell her not to go to the beach with Logan, to spend the weekend with him instead of some stupid human that had no idea how to appreciate a woman like her.

Planters appreciate generally the value of broad-leaved and narrow-leaved plants and root crops, but there is an absence of exact knowledge, with the result that their practices are very varied.

He doubted Tim would appreciate him making moves on her.

In order to appreciate the orography of the island the following sections of Sumatra should be discriminated one from another: (1) The valley of the Achin or Atjeh River.

The Jews had been among the first to appreciate the commercial advantages of permitting the loan of money on interest, but it was the policy of the Church that drove the Jews into money-lending as a characteristic trade.

Cecil Kilpatric, presents the fruit of his detailed research for the benefits of those who appreciate brevity in writing.