Sentence Examples with the word applause

As they passed us, the large craft and the gunboats in the harbour saluted and the seamen shouted applause for the master of the only little sail-boat that ventured out into the storm.

Forced and distorted expression, exaggerated emphasis, point and antithesis, an affected prettiness, are studied with the view of gaining the applause of audiences who thronged the lecture and recitation rooms in search of temporary excitement.

But his stubborn enforcement of the law won him the applause of the people, who called him familiarly le petit pere.

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Though it was forthwith printed in the course of the year 1642, he was content to circulate a limited number of copies privately 1; and when he found his work received with applause (it was praised even by Descartes), he seems to have taken this recognition of his philosophical achievement as an additional reason for deferring publication till the earlier works of the system were completed.

We are told that an assembly was stirred to wild applause by a double trochee - - u.

His university training was supplemented (1714) by a continental tour, untrammelled by a governor; at the Hague his ambition for the applause awarded to adventure made a gamester of him, and at Paris he began, from the same motive, that worship of the conventional Venus, the serious inculcation of which has earned for him the largest and most unenviable part of his reputation.

The offer was made in February 1879, and the announcement of it was received with universal applause throughout the English-speaking world.

There was more applause at this, and then Ozma had the jewelled saddle replaced upon the Sawhorse and herself rode the victor back to the city at the head of the grand procession.

There was great applause when the speaker sat down.

Men were ready to shout applause in honor of Puritan martyrs like Prynne, Burton and Bastwick, whose ears were cutoff in 1637, or in honor of the lawyers who argued such a case as that of Hampden.