Sentence Examples with the word appendices

The long sought for essay on the Trinity was edited (New York, 1903) with valuable introduction and appendices by G.

Ravenstein, who gives in appendices the history of the country from its discovery to the end of the 17th century; J.

Pearson, Beyond Petsora Eastward, with botanical and geological appendices by H.

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Sayce, The Ancient Empires of the East, Herodotus with introductions and appendices (1883; an attempt to prove the unveracity of Herodotus, especially in regard to the extent of his travels, which has found little support amongst more recent English or German writers); R.

He was the author of the appendices on botany (in part) and ornithology in Potter's History and Antiquities of Charnwood Forest (1842); Mr Macaulay's Character of the Clergy.

A large number of the inscriptions collected by Gamurrini in the appendices to Fabretti's Corpus inscriptionum italicarum are forgeries, and the text of the rest is negligently reported.

They also appear to contain displacements, interpolations, prefaces such as that to the Meteorologica, and appendices such as that to the Sophistical Elenchi, which may have been added.

Rawlinson, assisted in the copious notes and appendices accompanying the work by Sir Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Henry Rawlinson.

These speeches were generally not recorded by the stenographer; the Sla y s protected themselves against this by gradually getting it accepted that polyglot stenographers should be appointed, that their speeches should be translated, and that they should be added as appendices to the parliamentary reports in the correct national language; finally it was resolved (June 1917) that all speeches should be reported verbatim in the parliamentary reports, in the language in which they were delivered.

And the appendices thereto, which extend to over a hundred volumes; twelve are occupied by Lord Salisburys 16th-century MSS.