Sentence Examples with the word appear

Histories of any value are necessarily compromises between the biblical traditions and the results of recent investigation, and those studies which appear to depart most widely from the biblical or canonical representation often do greater t justice to the evidence as a whole than the slighter or more conservative and apologetic reconstructions.

Prior to the establishment of the monarchy the conditions for securing an exact and consecutive chronology did not exist; the dates in the earlier period of the history, though apparently in many cases precise, being in fact added long after the events described, and often (as will appear below) resting upon an artificial basis, so that the precision is in reality illusory.

A similar change in the contour lines may result from the substitution of lines in fathoms for those originally drawn in metres, and hence it is extremely desirable that specific names should only be given to such features as are pronounced enough to appear on maps drawn with either unit.

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The Value Of L Is Always Given By The Formula For The Dominical Letter, And P And 1 Are Easily Deduced From The Epact, As Will Appear From The Following Considerations.

It is concerned with the land-surface, and this is more symmetrically disposed than would at first sight appear from a glance at a map of the world.

The Scriptures, however, are treated by Origen on the basis of a matured theory of inspiration in such a way that all their facts appear as the vehicles of ideas, and have their highest value only in this aspect.

The earliest of these to appear was his defence of religious liberty, in the Epistola de Tolerantia, addressed to Limborch, published at Gouda in the spring of 1689, and translated into English in autumn by William Popple, a Unitarian merchant in London.

Horses appear to be fond of this species, and in Sweden it is stored for use as winter fodder.

While the letters ad Familiares were circulated at once, those to Atticus appear to have been suppressed for a considerable time.

There is expected a future manifestation of Christ as He is, and what the believer himself will be does not yet appear (iii.