Sentence Examples with the word apothecium

Cyclocarpineae, Apothecium usually circular, no capillitium.

From the sclerotia later the apothecium develops.

The hypothecium is the basal part of the apothecium on which the hymenium is borne; the latter consists of asci (thecae) with ascospores, and paraphyses.

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Owing to the shape of the fruit-body many of these forms are known as cup-fungi, the cup or apothecium often attaining a large size, sometimes several inches across (fig.

Various types of ascocarp are characteristic of the different divisions of the Carpoascomycetes: the cleistothecium, apothecium and perithecium.

In the Helvellaceae there is no apothecium but a large irregular fruit body which at maturity bears the asci on its surface.

The apothecia, though of the normal fungal type and usually disk-shaped, are somewhat more variable, and since the Morphologie and Biologie der Pilze, Mycetozoen und 1 The thalline margin (margo thallinus) is the projecting edge of a special layer of thallus, the amphithecium, round the actual apothecium; the proper margin (margo proprius) is the projecting edge of the apothecium itself.

In the formation of this organ or that of the apothecium it has the general structure characteristic of that division of fungi.

The two principal parts of which an apothecium consists are the hypothecium and the hymenium, or thecium.