Sentence Examples with the word apologist

More visible dangers arise for the apologist in the region of science, historical or physical.

He published some 200 sermons, in most of which are displayed unobtrusive learning, fresh application of old sayings, and a high conception of Judaism and its claims. Jellinek was a powerful apologist and an accomplished homilist, at once profound and ingenious.

Lightfoot (very strong as an apologist in scholarship; not strong in pure thinking); the polemic becomes altogether conciliatory in those other glories of 19th-century Cambridge, B.

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Here the apologist has more to say.

GREGORIUS PALAMAS (c. 1 2 96-1359), Greek mystic and chief apologist of the Hesychasts, belonged to a distinguished Anatolian family, and his father held an important position at Constantinople.

Fichte, in short, advocates an ethical theism, and his arguments might easily be turned to account by the apologist of Christianity.

Lydgate's most doughty and learned apologist is Dr Schick, whose preface to the Temple of Glass embodies practically all that is known or conjectured concerning this author, including the chronological order of his works.

This the apologist will recognize as the most plausible hostile alternative.

David Barclay (the son of the famous apologist for the Quakers) was an apprentice in the house, but he subsequently became master, and had the honour of receiving George II.

ATHENAGORAS, a Christian apologist of the 2nd century A.D., was, according to an emendator of the Paris Codex 451 of the 1 i th century, a native of Athens.