Sentence Examples with the word apologetics

In apologetics his principal master was Justin, and in theology proper and in the controversy with the Gnostics, Irenaeus.

He lectured on the Old and New Testaments, theology, apologetics and the history of the church in the 18th century.

When we leave the New Testament, apologetics becomes conspicuous until the political triumph of Christianity, and even somewhat later.

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If so, apologetics is literally a science, and it is pedantry to claim the defensive and pretend to throw the onus probandi upon objectors.

The earliest work of Christian apologetics is the Octavius or Minucius Felix, a contemporary of Fronto.

Apart from apologetics or single doctrines like that of the Atonement, the task of rethinking Christian theology upon the great scale has been left chiefly to German science, philosophical and historical.

In 1874 he delivered his Cunningham Lectures, afterwards published as The Humiliation of Christ, and in the following year was appointed to the chair of Apologetics and New Testament exegesis at the Free Church College, Glasgow.

If Socinianism had challenged natural theology - Christ, according to it, was the prophet who first revealed the way to eternal life - it had glorified the natural powers of man; and the learning of the Arminian divines (friends of Grotius and Locke) had helped to modernize Christian apologetics upon rational lines.

Michaelis Villanovani in quendam medicum apologetics disceptatio pro astrologia (Paris, 1538; reprinted, Berlin, 1880); the medicus is Jean Tagault, who interrupted Servetus's lectures on astronomy, including meteorology.

Roman Catholic apologetics - of necessity, Thomist - is well represented by Professor Schanz of Tubingen.