Sentence Examples with the word aperture

Merely to show the dependence of resolving power on aperture it is not necessary to use a telescope at all.

Shell external, with elongated spire and numerous whorls, aperture generally narrow; male genital duct without multifid vesicles.

Round disks made of these substances were placed in a closely fitting cylindrical cavity drilled in a block of steel, the cavity having a circular aperture of two or four centimetres below.

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K, Aperture connecting the large sac with the pericardium.

Foucault, who employed a scale of equal bright and dark alternate parts; it was found to be proportional to the aperture and independent of the focal length.

C q t;: pm .-..,,?i are transferred into two tubes (Solenophoridae); and by the closure of the lower aperture reconstituted into two suckers, the margins of which are produced and folded so as to resemble the leaf-like outgrowths of the next group. In this division (Tetraphyllidea) four suckers or bothria are developed on the scolex, but their cavities are extremely shallow and their lips extremely mobile and variable in shape.

The medusae In such a system the dactylo- 'gastropore, so that the entire single aperture subdivided by FIG.

In telescopes of the best construction and of moderate aperture the performance is not sensibly prejudiced by outstanding aberration, and the limit imposed by the finiteness of the waves of light is practically reached.

But, as we have seen, such an error of phase causes no sensible deterioration in the definition; so that from this point onwards the lens is useless, as only improving an image already sensibly as perfect as the aperture admits of.

The reason of the augmentation of resolving power with aperture will now be evident.