Sentence Examples with the word apathy

In striking contrast to the general apathy of the clergy of the period, Griffith Jones's zeal appealed to the public imagination, and his powerful preaching exercised a widespread influence, many travelling long distances in order to attend his ministry.

There is a growing apathy among a few boys in the middle school which is very harming to the house.

He strongly advocated the union of Croatia with Carinthia, Carniola and Styria, but found his policy thwarted as much by the apathy of the Slovenes as by the hostility of the Magyars.

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To the reaction against the gross methods of the revival has been ascribed the religious apathy of New England during the last years of the 18th century; but the martial and political excitement, beginning with King George's War (i.e.

Concerns over student voter apathy in the general election will be debated on the conference floor in a debate on citizenship.

But, if so, it would follow that, since pleasure is an emotion, apathy or eradication of all emotions cannot be unconditionally required.

She dreaded the thought of civil war; and even when she had realized the necessity for decisive action the king's apathy and indecision made it impossible for her to persuade him to carry into effect Mirabeau's plan of leaving Paris and appealing to the provinces.

In October 2005, the EA launched a campaign to tackle flood apathy - Be Prepared for Flooding.

In the latter country much surprise was expressed at the apathy of Airy; in France the claims made for an unknown Englishman were resented as detracting from the credit due to Leverrier's achievement.

The new sovereign, however, showed with regard to the unceasing religious controversy the same apathy and indifference with which he also met matters of state.