Sentence Examples with the word apathetic

The Museu Nacional at Rio de Janeiro, which has occupied the imperial palace of Sao Christovao since the overthrow of the monarchy, contains large collections of much scientific value, but defective organization and apathetic direction have rendered them of comparatively slight service.

Then for the first time a public works loan was floated in the home market, and about 300,000 of the total thus obtained passed into the hands of the railway bureau, which at once undertook the building of a road from KiOto to the shore of Lake Biwa, a work memorable as the first line built in Japan without foreign assistance.f During all this time private enterprise had remained wholly inactive in the matter of railways, and it became a matter of importance to rouse the people from this apathetic attitude.

Light-minded, haughty, apathetic and cold-hearted, she took a sort of passionate delight in changing Henry IV.s whole system of government.

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The broad fact remained that while Mr Chamberlain's activity gathered round him the bulk of the Unionist members and an enthusiastic band of economic sympathizers, the country as a whole remained apathetic and unconvinced.

Discouraged by this failure in the pulpit, Savonarola now devoted himself to teaching in the convent, but his zeal for the salvation of the apathetic townsfolk was soon to stir him to fresh efforts.

Like the latter, too, the Aymaras are sullen and apathetic in disposition.

The zeal of that age was succeeded by apathetic reaction, and it became necessary in the metropolis to secure the services of paid justices.

For more than three years Lancaster practically reigned in his cousins name; it was soon found that the realm got no profit thereby, for Earl Thomas, though neither so apathetic nor so frivolous as Edward, was not a whit more competent to conduct either war or domestic administration.

They are a light-hearted, apathetic people, little given to quarrelling or to the commission of violent crime.

The southerners are apathetic except when roused, and socialist doctrines find their chief adherents in the north.