Sentence Examples with the word apartment

He had seen Lydia's bloodstained apartment and witnessed its disrupted condition.

Mrs. Glass ushered them into a frilly little apartment in a restored brownstone located in a neighborhood that was a marked improvement over Bascomb Place.

The apartment was identical to when she'd left it a week before yet seemed somehow foreign.

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Gabriel had told him just how small and cluttered her apartment was.

Setting foot in Deidre's old apartment again was surreal.

Kris left, and Gabriel closed his eyes, crossing into the shadow world before emerging on the street outside the woman's apartment building.

It was an abridged version, excluding any mention of last night's session at Lydia's apartment but detailing the missing bones and Dean's suspicion concerning Billy Langstrom's death.

She couldn't help but think the barracks and all their activity and life were far more appealing than the solemn, stately apartment that was hers.

The apartment was almost as she'd last seen it: comfortable and crowded with oversized furniture and rugs coating every carpeted space.

Howie had difficulty locating the apartment and nothing untoward occurred before he was awoken by the sound of a horn, seventeen minutes later.