Sentence Examples with the word anymore

Rhyn said nothing, aware the creature before him couldn't be trusted anymore than Death.

I don't have a home anymore and tomorrow I won't even have my name.

You aren't surviving day-to-day anymore as you have your whole life, and for the first time, you're fighting for something other than you.

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There's nothing between us anymore but friendship and I don't want to ruin that with this kind of talk.

She wasn't going to, anymore than she had to the tumor.

She didn't expect him to sit with her for hours; she definitely didn't expect him to stay solely for her comfort without trying to force anymore Immortal bullshit down her throat.

Resistance was becoming harder, but she wasn't going to put him in danger anymore than she would her cousins.

He doesn't even notice anymore when I disappear for a day or so, because he knows there's nowhere for me to go.

He spent most of his time anymore in the shadow world, except when forced out by Death or called out by someone who wanted to buy an assassination.

It seemed that they rarely saw him anymore and those boys weren't the best influence.