Sentence Examples with the word anxiously

In the meanwhile all parties looked anxiously to the convention of Ocana, which was to assemble in March 1828, for a decided expression of the national will.

He was anxiously sensitive about the opinion of others, eager for their sympathy and regard, and, in general, impressionable to their influence.

Natasha and Nicholas often noticed their parents conferring together anxiously and privately and heard suggestions of selling the fine ancestral Rostov house and estate near Moscow.

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She shuddered, glancing anxiously at the canopy of branches overhead.

Katie tossed her coat at the rack and watched anxiously as the pole danced around the concrete floor before settling down.

Powdered footmen, in livery with buckled shoes and smart stockings, stood at every door anxiously noting visitors' every movement in order to offer their services.

When the count came to see her she turned anxiously round at the sound of a man's footstep, and then her face resumed its cold and malevolent expression.

For anything like personal immortality the medieval Schoolmen searched him anxiously but in vain.

Now I was the one to anxiously await contact.

Possessed a secret and mysterious knowledge, in no way accessible to those outside, which was not to be proved or propagated, but believed in by the initiated, and anxiously guarded as a secret.