Sentence Examples with the word antique

The former, on the other hand, has an enlightened conception of Elohim; the Deity, though grand, is a lifeless figure; several antique ideas are nevertheless preserved.

But at this period no lecture-rooms were so crowded as those in which professors of antique literature and language read passages from the poets and orators, taught Greek, and commented upon the systems of philosophers.

It contains speeches in the antique manner, which may be taken partly as embodying the author's commentary upon situations of importance, partly as expressing what he thought dramatically appropriate to prominent personages.

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It is flanked by medieval walls, towers and gates, and its antique appearance has been carefully preserved.

We owe to his pen curious remarks on English and Swiss customs, valuable notes on the remains of antique art in Rome, and a singularly striking portrait of Jerome of Prague as he appeared before the judges who condemned him to the stake.

The huge scale of many of his conceptions can be compared only with that of antique Oriental monuments.

When Martha did have a few free hours, she and my wife scoured every auction or antique shop for miles around, like two kids on a treasure hunt.

It consists of three parts - the old town to the east, and the middle and new towns to the west - of which the first retains some of the antique features of a Hanse town, while the last two are for the most part regularly and handsomely built.

The Kaisersaal retained its antique appearance until 1843, when, as also again in 1904, it was restored and redecorated; it is now furnished with a series of modern paintings representing the German kings and Roman emperors from Charlemagne to Francis II., in all fifty-two, and a statue of the first German emperor, William I.

The Royal Cork Institution (1807), in addition to an extensive library and a rare collection of Oriental MSS., possesses a valuable collection of minerals, and the collections of casts from the antique presented by the pope to George IV.