Sentence Examples with the word antiquated

They included a dance in the temple of the goddess, at which the song of the brotherhood was sung, in language so antiquated that it was hardly intelligible (see the text and translation in Mommsen, Hist.

Up to 1896 the sulphur industry was in a state of crisis due to the competition of pyrites, to the subdivision of the mines, to antiquated methods, and to a series of other causes which occasioned violent oscillations in and a continual reduction of prices.

Many people still Cherish the antiquated belief that black and green teas are grown upon different varieties of the tea-plant, which is quite a mistake, the difference being merely one of preparation.

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His diffuseness and the antiquated character of his matter and diction, have, however, come to be regarded as difficulties in the way of study, and he is more renowned than read.

Think of it as a tribal warrior society that's kinda backwards or antiquated in its customs.

The old Finnish constitution, although precious to those whose only protection it was, was an antiquated and not very efficient instrument of government.

Complete state control of the insane and the introduction of modern hospital and curative treatment in the state asylums (or hospitals) are gradually taking the place of county care for the insane and of antiquated custodial treatment in and political control of the state asylums - changes largely due to the action of Governor Deneen, who appointed in 1906 a Board of Charities pledged to reform.

The industry, however, has not kept pace with its development in other countries and, in great part, still employs antiquated methods and machinery.

Silk spinning and weaving are carried on on antiquated lines, and silkworms are reared in a desultory fashion.

But both these were completely antiquated by the great edition of Du Cange in 1657, wherein that learned writer employed all his knowledge, never since equalled, of the subject, but added a translation, or rather paraphrase, into modern French which is scarcely worthy either of himself or his author.