Sentence Examples with the word antiquary

But if he be estimated apart from his position as the head of a great party, it must be considered that he was more a theological antiquary than a theologian.

The abbe, however, lent his copy to M Freret, an antiquary at Paris, who translated it, and endeavoured to refute it.

The mention of Gudea's building a temple for Ishtar in Nina (2800 B.C.) may refer to the Lagash city and an inscription of Dungi, king of Ur (2700 B.C.), said to have been found at Nineveh, might have been carried there by some antiquary king.

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Drew had begun to meditate a greater attempt before he wrote his Remarks on Paine; and, encouraged by the antiquary John Whitaker, he published his Essay on the Immateriality and Immortality of the Soul in 1802.

The Christian antiquary has cause continually to lament the destruction of works of art due to this craving.

The town is of great interest for the antiquary as one of the chief centres of the Buddhist kingdom of Vengi, and for its stupa (sepulchral monument).

The curious will find in them many reminiscences of Hindu and Buddhist legend; and the antiquary must notice the distinctive symbols assigned to each, in order to recognize the statues of the different Jinas, otherwise identical, in the different Jain temples.

The Indian Antiquary was started at Bombay in 1872 and still continues.

Cornelius Nepos is quoted for the statement that he was about the same age as Scipio Africanus the younger (born in 185 or 184 B.C.) and Laelius; while Fenestella, an antiquary of the later Augustan period, represented him as older than either.

One of the many merits of the antiquary Lami was his connexion with the Novelle letterarie (1740-1770), founded by him, and after the first two years almost entirely written by him.