Sentence Examples with the word antiquarian

The building is the property of the Commission of Historical Monuments, which has carried on the work of restoration with great architectural and antiquarian ability.

The National Portrait Gallery and Antiquarian Museum are housed in Queen Street, in a building designed by Sir Rowand Anderson and constructed at the expense of J.

The most important are the Massachusetts Historical Society, established 1791, publishing Collections and Proceedings (Boston) and the American Antiquarian Society, established 1812, publishing Proceedings (Worcester).

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Cincius, the author of various political and antiquarian treatises (de Fastis, de Comitiis, de Priscis Verbis), who lived in the Augustan age, to which period Mommsen, considering them a later fabrication, refers the Greek annals of L.

Cavan has no buildings of antiquarian interest, but the principal county institutions are here, and the most conspicuous building is the grammar school, founded by Charles I.

The jurisdiction of the court has been, except in one matter of mere antiquarian curiosity, unaffected by statute.

Aldrich in American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings, new series, vol.

The old parish church of St Ulrich is a good example of the Transition style of the 13th century, and contains a valuable antiquarian collection.

According to Lucian, the earthenware lamp which had belonged to the sage was bought by an antiquarian for 3000 drachmas.

The Smaland Museum has antiquarian and numismatic collections, a library and a bust of Linnaeus.