Sentence Examples with the word antics

All these strange antics were accompanied by still stranger guttural noises from the devotee, who seemed to be praying in a sing-song or else singing some pagan psalmody or other, during which his face twitched about in the most unnatural manner.

They will make your party come alive with excitement while still maintaining a professional demeanor and not relying on cheesy antics and props.

These they display before her, posing and performing extraordinary antics in her presence exactly as cock birds behave towards their hens.

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Gradually the reality of his antics sank in.

Arnie's antics hadn't started until the second week on the compound.

Matthew was laughing uncontrollably over the antics of the puppy.

His antics caused her to drop the skillet, splashing gravy and water on her shirt.

The meat was smoking hot and the knives and forks were performing strange antics and jumping here and there in quite a puzzling way.