Sentence Examples with the word anti

The young anti most impatient adherents of Carlism vainly pleaded that such an opportunity would not soon be found again, and threatened to take the law into their own hands and unfurl the flag of Dios, Patria, y Rey in northern and central Spain.

Again a new constitution was decreed by which the gonfaloniere and half the priori were to be chosen from the anti maggiori and the other half from the minori; on several other boards the former were to be in the majority, and the three new gilds were abolished.

Various plots against him were hatched, the anti Medicean faction being called the Del Poggio party because the house of its leader Luca Pitti was on a hill, while the Mediceans were called the Del Piano party because Piero's house was in the town below; the other opposition leaders were Dietisalvi Neroni and Agnolo Acciaiuoli.

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Among other Amsterdam societies are the Felix Meritis (1776), and the Anti et Amicitiae (1839), whose art exhibitions are of a high order.

The qualities of the new Chinese schools were essentially those of the older dynasties: breadth, simplicity, a daringly calligraphic play of brush that strongly recalled the accomplishments of the famous scribes, anti a coloring that varied between sparing washes of flat local tints and a strength and brilliancy of decorative effort that rivalled even that of the Buddhist pictures.

When elected pope, or rather anti pope, by the cardinals of Avignon, on the 28th of September 1 394, it was he who by his astuteness, his resolution, and, it may be added, by his unswerving faith in the justice of his cause, was to succeed in prolonging the lamentable schism of the West for thirty years.

Hans Gadow states that the forested region begins in the foothills a little above 8000 ft., anti continues up the slope to an elevation of over 13,000 ft.

Dual numbers anti logarithms depend upon the expression of a number as a product of 11, i oi, 1.001.

His vanity was certainly excessive; but I have no doubt that, in his public conduct as well as in his writings, he was desirous of doing good, that his ambition was of the noblest kind, anti that he proposed to himself the noblest ends.

The Total in Reichskanzler is the sole responsible official, In the Pacific and conducts all the affairs of the empire, with German New G the exception of such as arc of a purely military Bismarck Archrj character, anti is the intermediary between the Caroline, Pelewa emperor, the Bundesrat and the Reichstag.