Sentence Examples with the word anthology

The oldest authority for an epithalamium of Catullus (62) is an anthology at Paris written in the 9th century.

But according to a story reproduced in the New Uniat Anthology of Arcudius, and mentioned in Basil's Monologue, Christopher was originally a hideous man-eating ogre, with a dog's face, and only received his human semblance, with his Christian name, at baptism.

Ross, The Voice of the Mountains (1905, an anthology in verse and prose); A.

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LOnnrot also collected and edited the works of the peasant-poets P. Korhonen (1775-1840) and Pentti Lyytinen, with an anthology containing the improvisations of eighteen other rustic bards.

Iv., ch., 8, 9; Drumann, Geschichte Roms, 1 A short epigram on Aphrodite in the Greek Anthology (Anth.

He is further called an epic poet by Suidas, and three epigrams in the Greek Anthology are assigned to him.

He became in 1814 a member of a literary society in Cambridge, known as the Anthology Club.

The Greek anthology contains thirty-four of his epigrams. From the excavations of the villa at Herculaneum there have been recovered thirtysix treatises attributed to Philodemus, and it has been suggested that the villa was actually owned by him; but this is generally denied.

An excellent anthology of Belgian poets was published by K.

The Mufaddaliyat differs from the Hamasa in being a collection of complete odes (gasidas), while the latter is an anthology of brilliant passages specially selected for their interest or effectiveness, all that is prosaic or less striking being pruned away.