Sentence Examples with the word antheridium

Young tube (a) of the antheridium multinucleate oogonium (og) which introduces the male and antheridium (an).

Ascogonium and antheridium contain numerous nuclei; they are to be looked upon as gametangia in which there is no differentiation of gametes, and since they act as single gametes they are termed coenogametes.

The sexual reproduction shows all transitions between forms which are normally sexual, like the Peronosporaceae, to forms in which no antheridium is developed and the oospheres develop parthenogenetically.

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The antheridium (fig.

The contents of the antheridium are not set free, but that organ penetrates the oogonium by means of a narrow outgrowth, the fertilizing tube, and a male nucleus then passes over into the single oosphere, which at first multinucleate becomes uninucleate before fertilization.

It was in this case that Renault first made the exceedingly interesting discovery that each pollen-grain contains a group of cells, presumably representing an antheridium (fig.

Hyphae derived from the 2, Separation of antheridium stalk-cell (st).

Fertilization is effected by the passive convection of a spermatium from the antheridium to the trichogyne, to which it adheres, and to which it passes over its nucleus through an open communication set up at the point of contact.

Are coenogametes), but that the antheridium disorganizes without passing its contents into the ascogonium.

With the antheridium (p).