Sentence Examples with the word antheridial

Nemalion sp., carpogonial and antheridial branches.

Germination of the microspore begins before it leaves the pollen-sac. In very few cases has anything representing prothallial development been observed; generally a small cell (the antheridial or generative cell) is cut off, leaving a larger tube-cell.

Lower part of canal, enlarged; o, cavity of canal, surrounded by a sheath of cells, dilated towards the bottom of canal, in which a large pollen-grain is caught; ex, exterior of pollengrain; in, internal group of prothallial or antheridial cells.

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B, Empty antheridium; p, prothallial cell; I, 2, cells of antheridial walls; 3, cap cell.

In the development of distinct antheridial and oogonial cells the allied Ancylistineae show close alliances to Pythium and the Oomycetes.