Sentence Examples with the word answering

Lange (q.v.) by his History of Materialism has exercised a profound influence, which is due partly to its apparent success in answering materialism by Kantian arguments, and partly to its ingenious attempt to give.

Kutuzov turned round without answering and his eye happened to fall upon Prince Andrew, who was beside him.

She slipped one arm around his neck and returned the kiss, answering his question.

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As regards the so-called hyperbolisms, observe that (besides the single asymptote) we have in the case of those of the hyperbola two parallel asymptotes; in the case of those of the ellipse the two parallel asymptotes become imaginary, that is, they disappear; and in the case of those of the parabola they become coincident, that is, there is here an ordinary asymptote, and a special asymptote answering to a cusp at infinity.

The Grand Master began answering him, and Pierre began developing his views with more and more warmth.

Dean turned away without answering and walked toward his Jeep.

In Dictyonema the branches show thecae of two kinds: (I) the ordinary tubular thecae answering to those of the Graptoloidea and occupied by the nourishing zooids; and (2) the so-called bithecae, birdnest-like cups (regarded by their discoverers as gonothecae) opening alternately right and left of the ordinary thecae.

A small smile crossed Rhyn's face, answering Gabe's question without words.

Alpatych, without answering or looking at his host, sorted his packages and asked how much he owed.

One of the Russians understood what was asked and several voices at once began answering the interpreter.