Sentence Examples with the word answerable

Now, if his use of the term was stricter than the customary use, he can hardly be held answerable for the latter.

Europeans are answerable to the Italian civil code.

The ministers were no longer to be the members of a great party, acting together in pursuance of a common policy accepted by them all as a united body; they were to become nominees of the court, each holding himself answerable not to his colleagues but to the king, separately, individually and by department.

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The president of the republic is not answerable at law for his official acts.

During the earlier days of the republic the doge had been a prince elected by the people, and answerable only to the popular assemblies.

Democracy, per se, isn't necessarily the requirement, but a form of government in which the politicians are directly answerable to the population for their quality of life is.

The subjugation of the Saxons, who were divided into four main branches, was rendered more difficult by the absence of any common ruler, and of a central power answerable for the allegiance of the separate tribes.

One characteristic point which appears very early is that they felt themselves called upon to vindicate the laws of divine righteousness in national matters, and especially in the conduct of the kings, who were not answerable to human authority.