Sentence Examples with the word anoplura

The Anoplura or lice should not be included among the Hemiptera, but it has been thought convenient to refer briefly to them at the close of this article.

Anoplura The Anoplura or lice (see LousE) are wingless parasitic insects (fig.

The Anoplura may probably be regarded as a degraded offshoot of the Hemiptera.

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To begin with, 1 Though not relating exactly to our present theme, it would be improper to dismiss Nitzsch's name without reference to his extraordinary labours in investigating the insect and other external parasites of birds, a subject which as regards British species was subsequently elaborated by Denny in his Monographia Anoplurorum Britanniae (1842) and in his list of the specimens of British Anoplura in the collection of the British Museum.

For the Anoplura see E.