Sentence Examples with the word anoint

A fast during which it is lawful to work, and also to wash and anoint the person.

Brutus stopped to anoint a bush and then took out ahead of her.

So the Arabs of East Africa anoint themselves with lion's fat in order to gain courage and inspire the animals with awe of themselves.

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Sunset brought on the Jewish sabbath, but the next evening the women brought spices to anoint the body, and at sunrise on the third day they arrived at the tomb, and saw that the stone was rolled away.

As king of Israel in place of Ahab; and as his own successor in the prophetic office he was to anoint Elisha (xix.

Though Elisha sent to anoint Jehu as king, he was none the less on most intimate terms with Bar-hadad (Old.

The rite of extreme unction was introduced in the crusading epoch, although it was already usual to anoint the bodies of dead priests.

Jehu, meanwhile, remained at the seat of war, and the prophet Elisha sent a messenger to anoint him king.

Thou hast washed in these running waters wherein dogs and swine have been cast night and day and hast cleansed and wiped the outside skin which also the harlots and flutegirls anoint and wash and wipe and beautify for the lust of men; but within they are full of scorpions and all wickedness.

The custom of clothing images is well known in the ancient world, and at the restoration of an Egyptian temple care was taken to anoint the divine limbs and to prepare the royal linen for the god.