Sentence Examples with the word ano

Large 4to), sumptuously produced and badly translated, is Mexico, its Social Evolution (Barcelona, 1900-1904); a useful and handy chronicle is Nicolas Leon's Cornpendio de la historia general de Mexico hasta el ano de zgoo (Mexico and Madrid, 1902).

The great river receives an abundant load of silt from its tributaries, and takes up ano lays down silt from its own bed and banks with every change of velocity.

Pimentel y Roth, Resumen cronologica de las leyes y decretas del credito publico de Venezuela, desde el ano de 1826 hasta el de 1872-1873; W.

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By rot ting a small electro-magnet in water, between the poles of ano her magnet, and then measuring the heat developed in the wat r and other parts of the machine, the current induced in the coils, and the energy required to maintain rotation, he cal b lated that the quantity of heat capable of warming one you d of water one degree F.

On the 1st of September 1512 Retur e Medici G i ul i ano and Giovanni de' Medici, and their nephew (1512).

For an account of the festival of St George of Alcoy, see Apuntes historicos acerca de las fiestas que celebra cada ano la ciudad de Alcoy a su patron San Jorge, by J.