Sentence Examples with the word annuaire

Henrion, Annuaire biographique, i.

These were catalogued by Ludovic Lalanne in the Annuaire Bulletin (1865-1866 and 1892) of the Societe de l'histoire de France.

C.), the Annuaire (Societe des Touristes du Dauphine), and the Annuario (Societa degli Alpinisti Tridentini).

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See also the biography by Ferdinand Lot in the Annuaire de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes for 1901; and the bibliography of his works by Henry Maistre in the Correspondance historique et archeologique (1899 and 1900).

Annual publication, and other publications of Statens Statistiske Bureau, Copenhagen; Annuaire meteorologique, Danish Meteorological Institution, Copenhagen; E.

Jordell, Repertoire bibliographique des principales revues francaises (3 vols., 1897-1899, 1898-1900), indexes about 350 periodicals; Annuaire de la presse francaise et du monde politique (1909-1910); Le Soudier, Annuaire des journaux, revues et publications periodiques parus a Paris jusqu'en 1909 (1910).

Arago, Annuaire du Bureau des Long.

Caillard, Babington-Smith and Block, Reports on the Ottoman Public Debt (London, 1884-1898, 1899-1902, 1903 -1910); Annuaire oriental du commerce (Constantinople); Journal de la chambre de commerce (Constantinople, weekly); Annual Report of the Regie Co-interessee des Tabacs (Constantinople); Annual Report of the Council of Foreign Bondholders (London); C. Morawitz, Les Finances de la Turquie (Paris, 1902); G.

These congresses have been supplemented by national congresses in ' See Annuaire du mouvement pacifaste pour l'anne'e 1910, published by the Bureau International de la Paix, at Bern.

Both the orderly arrangement of these diagonal chains and the agreement which exists between the tectonic and geological phenomena are well shown in the geological and hypsometrical maps published in the Annuaire du Club Alpin francais for 1891 and 1892 by MM.