Sentence Examples with the word annoyed

Sami grimaced, as if annoyed rather than in pain, but otherwise ignored the arrows jutting from his back.

In the Odyssey he is naturally annoyed by the adultery of his wife, Aphrodite, with Ares.

For instance, it surprised her that some people were annoyed at what she said about the Bible, and she was amused that they did not see, what was plain enough, that she had been obliged to read the whole Bible in a course in English literature, not as a religious duty put upon her by her teacher or her parents.

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He came up on one elbow, his expression wavering between annoyed and hurt.

Darian gave another of his annoyed sighs and hung up.

She was annoyed because she feared it would lead to unhappiness.

Dean returned to his quarters where in less than five minutes Fred joined him, annoyed at the brevity of his inquisition.

This sermon had much annoyed Newman and his more advanced disciples, but it was a proof that at that date Manning was loyal to the Church of England as Protestant.

The coming of these visitors annoyed him.

Though at one time, in Petersburg, she had been annoyed with Natasha for drawing Boris away, she did not think of that now, and in her own way heartily wished Natasha well.