Sentence Examples with the word anno

By the ukaz of the 20th of December 1699 it was next commanded that henceforth the new year should not be reckoned, as heretofore, from the 1st of September, supposed to be the date of the creation, but from the first day of January, anno domini.

He also edited the works of Berni, and collected Tutti i trionfi, larri, mascherate, e canti carnascialaschi, andati per Firenze dal tempo del magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici fino all' anno 1559.

Pope Nicholas, moreover, had offended the German bishops by what they regarded as arbitrary interference with their rights: he had refused to send the pallium of Archbishop Siegfried of Mainz; he had sent a sharp letter of admonition to Archbishop Anno of Cologne.

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And A ultimo corrida de touros reaes em Salvaterra by Rebello da Silva, and Urn Anno na Corte by the statesman, Andrade Corvo, the first and the last superior books.

Deserted by her friends Agnes retired, and forthwith Anno began to rule the state.

The office of chancellor of the kingdom of Italy was at this period regarded as an appanage of the archbishopric of Cologne,and this was probably the reason why Anno had a considerable share in settling the papal dispute in 106 4.

Carnero, Historia de las guerras civiles que ha avido en los estados de Flandres des del anno 1559 hasta el de 1609, y las Archduke already in course of formation, and not even the Matthias.

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Melli, La Colonia Eritrea dalle sue origini al anno 1por (Parma, 1901); G.

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