Sentence Examples with the word annapolis

The chief cities are Baltimore, pop. (1910) 55 8, 4 8 5, Cumberland 21,839, Hagerstown 16,507, Frederick 10,411 and Annapolis 8609.

He was also out of sympathy with the meeting at Annapolis in 1786.

In 1786 New Jersey sent delegates to the Annapolis Convention, which was the forerunner of the Federal Convention at Philadelphia in the following year.

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He graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 1795, began the study of law at Annapolis in 1796, and was admitted to the bar in 1799.

His multimillionaire father's picture was on the wall, and he owned two dozen restaurants in the Annapolis area, including this one.

In 1797 Baltimore received its first charter, having been governed until then from Annapolis and through commissions with very limited powers; at the same time the Fells' Point settlement, founded about 1730 by William Fells, a ship carpenter, was annexed.

Toby's birth certificate listed her as the mother, no father, and the naval hospital in Annapolis as his birthplace.

Not favouring the creation of a strong national government he declined to attend the Annapolis Convention in 1786, but in the following year, when the assembling of the Constitutional Convention was an assured fact, although he opposed the purpose for which it was called, he accepted an appointment as one of the Massachusetts delegates, with the idea that he might personally help to check too strong a tendency toward centralization.

In 1786 Delaware was one of the five states whose delegates attended the Annapolis convention (see Annapolis, Maryland), and it was the first (on the 7th of December 1787) to ratify the Federal constitution.

Baltimore was the scene of a bloody riot as the first Northern regiment (6th Mass.) passed through on its way to Washington on the 19th of April, and, until troops could be spared to protect the railway through Maryland, all reinforcements for the national capital had to be brought up to Annapolis by sea.