Sentence Examples with the word anion

They affirmed that he had remained behind at Tarentum; upon which they were suddenly confronted by Anion himself, arrayed in the same garments in which he had leapt overboard.

As we have seen above, when a solution is placed in contact with water the water will take a positive or negative potential with regard to the solution, according as the cation or anion has the greater specific velocity, and therefore the greater initial rate of diffusion.

The Romans are credited with having purposely introduced the edible snail (Helix pomatia) into England, and the common garden snail and slugs (Helix aspersa, Limax agrestis and Anion hortensis) have been unwittingly established in New Zealand.

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Periander further appears as a patron of literature, for it was by his invitation that the poet Anion came to Corinth to organize the dithyramb.

According to Herodotus, Anion being desirous of exhibiting his skill in foreign countries left Corinth, and travelled through Sicily and parts of Italy, where he gained great fame and amassed a large sum of money.

If the anode consist of platinum, cyanogen gas is evolved thereat from the anion Ag(CN) 2, and the platinum becomes covered with the insoluble silver cyanide, AgCN, which soon stops the current.

On the theory that the phenomena are wholly due to unequal ionic velocities this result would mean that the cation like the anion moved against the conventional direction of the current.

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The original volumes have each an engraving of Anion and the Dolphin, and the appropriate inscription in usum serenissimi Delphini.