Sentence Examples with the word angular velocity

By adjusting the right ascension of the plane ABC and rotating the axis with the angular velocity of the sun, it follows that BC will be the direction of the solar rays throughout the day.

Lines of lanthanum and carbon which are believed to belong to a low level showed systematically smaller angular velocity than the average.

Required the relation between the velocity of translation 02 of W and the angular velocity af of the differential barrel.

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According to numerous observations made at Cape Thorsden, the apparent angular velocity of arcs increases on the average with their altitude.

Tait that a similar representation of the type (30) is obtained if we replace the circle by an equiangular spiral described, with a constant angular velocity about the pole, in the direction of diminishing radius vector.

We therefore have the fundamental theorem that the angular velocity of the body around the centre of attraction varies inversely as the square of its distance, and is therefore at every point proportional to the gravitation of the sun.

Msh2(n-a); (3) so that this ellipse can be rotating with this angular velocity R for an instant without distortion, the ellipse a being fixed.

Hence also, in any pair of circular wheels which rotate continuously for one revolution or more, the ratio of the numbers of teeth and its reciprocal the angular velocity ratio must be expressible in whole numbers.

Further, by causing the hour circle, and with it the polar axis, to rotate by clockwork or some equivalent mechanical contrivance, at the same angular velocity as the earth on its axis, but in the opposite direction, the telescope will, apart from the effects of refraction, automatically follow a star from rising to setting.

Du and the work performed in a unit cf time in overcoming friction, when the angular velocity is a, is af f pr.