Sentence Examples with the word angora

There were 2,775,000 angora and 4,386,000 other goats, some 2,000,000 cattle, 250,000 horses and 10o,000 asses.

ISKELIB, the chief town of a Caza (governed by a kaimakam) in the vilayet of Angora in Asia Minor, altitude 2460 ft., near the left bank of the Kizil Irmak (anc. Halys), loo m.

The Tibet goat is similar to the Angora in the fineness of its wool, and many are used in the making of cashmere shawls.

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A Nubian goat and her three kids shared the rocky terrain, along with a couple of Angora goats.

Large numbers of sheep and Angora goats are reared on the plateau, and fair horses are bred on the Uzun Yaila; but no effort is made to improve the quality of the wool and mohair or the breed of horses.

After capturing Angora from a horde of Turkomans encamped there who were attacking his dominions, at first with some success, Mur ad 1, in 1361 Murad prepared for a campaign in Europe.

Only a buffalo cow right now - and a couple of Angora goats Carmen bought for me.

Turkish and Zaza-speaking Kurds (see Kurdistan) are found in the Angora and Sivas vilayets.

For weaving, the most valuable pieces are mohair taken from the angora and vicuna.

Both exports and imports are about stationary, the Angora railway having neutralized any tendency to rise.