Sentence Examples with the word angola

After the definite partition of Africa among the European powers, Portugal applied herself with some seriousness to exploit Angola and her other African possessions.

In parts where European authority remained weak, as in the hinterland of the Portuguese province of Angola and the adjacent regions of Central Africa, native potentates continued to raid their neighbours, and from this region many labourers were (up to 1910) forcibly taken to work on the cocoa plantation in St Thomas.

Rhodesia) and Angola was determined by an Anglo-Portuguese agreement of 1891 and the arbitration award of the king of Italy in 1905 (see Africa: History).

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Monteiro, Angola and the River Congo (2 vols.

In southern Angola itself German agents and so-called scientific missions showed much activity.

They comprised, in Africa, the Cape Verde Islands, St Thomas and Prince's Islands, Portuguese Guinea, Angola and Portuguese East Africa, or Mozambique; in India, Goa, Damaun and Diu; in China, Macao; and in the Malay Archipelago part of Timor.

Respectively, the average rainfall in Angola 36 in., in Dar-es-Salaam 60 in.

Since 1913, however, an extensive diamond field in the Kasai basin along the Angola border has been worked.

From Chilongo, on the Katanga railway, the building of a line westward to the Angola frontier - about 400 m.

In Angola occurs a breed of this sheep which has probably been crossed with the fat-tailed Malagasy breed; while in Guinea there is a breed with lappets, or wattles, on the throat, which is probably the result of a cross with the lop-eared sheep of the same district.