Sentence Examples with the word anglicanism

Moreover, Puritan Massachusetts, which was naturally hostile to the Anglicanism of Gorges and his followers, interpreted her charter so as to make her northern boundary run east and west from a point 3 m.

Strong, Evangelical Anglicanism in H.

Upon most points Anglicanism seeks for a via media of its own.

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The Church of England itself is the subject of a separate article (see Church of England); and it is not without significance that for more than two centuries after the Reformation the history of Anglicanism is practically confined to its developments within the limits of the British Isles.

In devotional literature Anglicanism has always been rich (e.g.

It is now held by some Moravians that their Church offers a via media between Anglicanism and Dissent.

Lutheran dogma, however, had few adherents in England, though its political theory coincided with that of Anglicanism in the 16th century.