Sentence Examples with the word angelus

By the middle of July 1203 Constantinople was reached, the usurper was in flight, and Isaac Angelus was restored to his throne.

At these hours a bell known as the Angelus bell is rung.

His brothers Angelus (1328-1407) and Petrus (1335-1400) were of almost equal eminence with himself as jurists.

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A son or brother of Michael, named George, received from the emperor Manuel the title of Sebastos, and was entrusted with several important missions; it is uncertain whether he ought to be identified with the George Palaeologus who took part in the conspiracy which dethroned Isaac Angelus in favour of Alexius Angelus in 1195.

He was associated with Marsilius Ficinus, Angelus Politianus, and Theodorus Gaza, in the revival of letters in the western world.

Enough to say, that in it we find work belonging to the times of the Comneni, Isaac Angelus and the Palaeologi.

The difficulties which had arisen between Isaac Angelus and Frederick Barbarossa contain the germs of the Fourth Crusade; the negotiations between Richard and Saladin contain the germs of the Sixth.

Among his scholars were Angelus Politianus and Johann Reuchlin.

The difficulties between Frederick and Isaac Angelus became acute: in November 1189 Frederick wrote to his son Henry, asking him to induce the pope to preach a Crusade against the schismatic Greeks.

His family name was Johann Scheffler, but he is generally known by the pseudonym Angelus Silesius, under which he published his poems and which marks the country of his birth.