Sentence Examples with the word anecdote

The earliest anecdote of Pascal is one of his being bewitched and freed from the spell.

Tradition credits him with an especial genius for the delineation of animals and landscape, and commemorates his skill by a curious anecdote of a painted horse which left its frame to ravage the fields, and was reduced to pictorial stability only by the sacrifice of its eyes.

And so the anecdote ended.

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C. Burkitt, Anecdote oxon.

The whole process, from the simple anecdote in mixed prose and verse, the so-called akhyana, to the complete epic, comes out with striking clearness in the history of the Buddhist canon.

It was in friendly talk, generally with a pipe in his mouth and an anecdote on the tip of his tongue, that he exercised his extraordinary influence over his fellows.

He has left on record, in his Anecdote Book, a defence of his conduct in regard to them.

But the flood of anecdote and criticism overflowed the narrow channel.

He was a charming talker, with a gay humour and a quiet sarcasm and a telling use of anecdote for argument.

From an anecdote of Aurelian, who neither used silk himself nor would allow his wife to possess a single silken garment, we learn that silk was worth its weight in gold.