Sentence Examples with the word andean

There are also some remnants of tribes in the province of Chiloe, which inhabit the island of that name, the Chonos and Guaytecas archipelagoes and the adjacent mainland, who have the reputation of being good boatmen and fishermen; and there are remnants of a people called Changos, on the desert coast, and traces of Calchaqui blood in the neighbouring Andean foothills.

Though of great interest to scientific investigators because of this unceasing activity, and of its peculiar position in the Andean system, and because of the difficult and dangerous country by which it is surrounded, Sangay has been but rarely visited by European travellers.

The Frias is wholly a Chilean river, draining an extensive Andean region between the 44th and 45th parallels and discharging into the Puyuguapi channel, which separates Magdalena island from the mainland.

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The temperature of the Andean region is cold even in summer, but on the lower plains it is hot in summer, and only moderately cold in winter.

Many of the rivers of eastern Ecuador are subject to similar floods from the Andean slopes, which have cut away broad, deep channels, through the adjacent plains, leaving long, narrow ridges between their courses which the natives call cuchillas.

The northern part is fertile, as are the valleys of the Andean foothills, but arid conditions prevail throughout the central districts, and irrigation is necessary for the production of crops.

The vine is cultivated to some extent, and good pasturage is found on the Andean slopes.

The neotropical species appear to fall into two groups: (I) the so-called Andean species, viz.

CUZCO, an inland city of southern Peru, capital of an Andean department of the same name, about 360 m.

Towards the north the coastal zone disappears beneath the sea and the Andean zone reaches to the shore.