Sentence Examples with the word andalusian

The present town of Tetuan dates from 1492, when the Andalusian Moors first reared the walls and then filled the enclosure with houses.

It is with the Andalusian dialect that we can most readily associate the varieties of Castilian which are spoken in South America.

Traces of Christianity remained among the Kabyles till after the conquest of Granada (1492),(1492), when the influx of Andalusian Moors from Spain completed the conversion of those tribes.

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The feeble Andalusian princes were terrified into paying tribute, and Fernando advanced to the very gates of Seville without finding an enemy to meet him in the field.

A ndaiusianThe word dialect is still more appropriately applied to Andalusian than either to Asturian or Navarrese-Aragonese.

While the mountainous parts of Morocco continued to be occupied by pure Berber people, the Shluh or Shilluh, the Andalusian Moors flocked to 5 Proc. Zool.

In the literature and drama of his country, the Andalusian is traditionally represented as the Gascon of Spain, ever boastful and mercurial; or else as a picaresque hero, bull-fighter, brigand or smuggler.

Here some of the most characteristic features of the language of the extreme south of Spain are reproducedeither because the Castilian of America has spontaneously passed through the same phonetic transformations or because the Andalusian element, very strongly represented in colonization, succeeded in transporting its local habits of speech to the New World.

Other birds peculiar to the south are two species of quails, the Andalusian hemipode (Turnix sylvatica), confined to the plains of Andalusia, the southern shearwater (Puffinus cinereus), and other water-birds.

Their four Andalusian kingdoms, Seville, Jaen, Cordova and Granada,.