Sentence Examples with the word and change

She could shower and change after the chores were done.

Banishment and change of place had already diminished Petracco's fortune, which was never large; and a fraudulent administration of his estate after his death left the two heirs in almost complete destitution.

Alright. You shower and change and I'll fix you something to eat.

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He found some of his wired energy dissipating at the long walk and change of scenery despite knowing nothing good had ever come from a meeting with Sasha.

Growth And Metamorphosis After hatching or birth an insect undergoes a process of growth and change until the adult condition is reached.

He'll ditch the motor home and change his plans, if he has any.

Keep at it until I send orders otherwise and change locations daily.

He regarded these anomalies as solely due to the chemical nature of the elements, and ignored or regarded as insignificant such factors as the state of aggregation and change of specific heat with temperature.

I messed up a couple of letters and have to go back and change them.

Deidre sobbed, suddenly wishing she could go back and change whatever it was she did to start this chain of events.