Sentence Examples with the word anchorite

In 676 he became an anchorite on the island of Farne, and it is said that he performed miracles there.

On entering the order of St Basil, he adopted the name of an old Egyptian anchorite Bessarion, whose story he has related.

He lived first as an anchorite in the forest of Mendonk, and afterwards in the monastery founded with his assistance by Amandus at Ghent.

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Her love for Kiartan the poet, and his career abroad, his betrayal by his friend Bolli, the sad death of Kiartan at his hands, the revenge taken for him on Bolli, whose slayers are themselves afterwards put to death, and the end of Gudrun, who becomes an anchorite after her stormy life, make up the pith of the story.

The term was also used of the small sleeping apartments of the monks, or a small apartment used by the anchorite or hermit.

The earliest Christian monastic communities (see MoNASTtersM) with which we are acquainted consisted of groups of cells or huts collected about a common centre, which was usually the abode of some anchorite celebrated for superior holiness or singular asceticism, but without any attempt at orderly arrangement.

Fiachra), an anchorite of the 7th century, of noble Irish descent.

It contains four monasteries, the remains of the famous anchorite settlement of Nitriae.

In 687 he retired to Farne, and died on the island on the 10th of March 687, the same day as his friend Hereberht, the anchorite of Derwentwater.

Having assumed the monastic habit in the monastery of Deerhurst, he pased thence to Bath, where he became an anchorite and ultimately abbot, distinguishing himself by his piety and the austerity of his life.