Sentence Examples with the word anatomist

One of the most famous professors was Marcello Malpighi, a great anatomist of the 17th century.

In England they were not generally accepted till adopted with some modifications by Thomas Willis the great anatomist (1621-1675), who is the chief English representative of the chemical school.

Troglodytes has been long known to European science, Dr Tyson, a celebrated surgeon and anatomist of his time, having dissected a young individual, and described it, as a pigmy or Homo sylvestris, in a book published in 1699.

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RUDOLPH WAGNER (1805-1864), German anatomist and physiologist, was born on the 30th of June 1805 at Bayreuth, where his father was a professor in the gymnasium.

He took up medical studies by the advice of the anatomist Felix Vicq d'Azyr (1748-1794), and after many difficulties caused by lack of means finally in 1780 obtained his doctor's diploma.

With the aid of the marquis de Saluces and the anatomist G.

Sommerring, with a biography of that anatomist (1844), which he himself fancied most of all his writings.

Unfortunately almost every anatomist who has written on the muscles of the Brachiopoda has proposed different names for each muscle, and the confusion thence arising is much to be regretted.

To the anatomist the roughnesses of the palm are of considerable interest.

Lanfranc, Pope John XIV., Porta the anatomist and Cremona the mathematician were born in the city.